A Great Card Collection

On my first post on Sophie’s Things, I want to introduce you to a really cool company that literally saved my night from being lame. Having a lot of friends is cool…but that also comes with a lot of birthdays. And every birthday needs a gifts. And a card. Oh boy..

I online shop today on sites like Amazon and Pinterest simply because you can find things that are way cooler and you can find just about anything for that perfect someone. Like gifts, you can also funny greeting cards Quiplip. It seems today that big box stores curate the cards that come into their stores to fit their image and what they think the company will sell. Unfortunately, those cards suck. (sorry Walmart!)

I was reading a few small blogs on really funny and unique birthday cards. I can’t remember where I found it, but thank God Quiplip came into my life!


The Snarky Card

The Snarky Card


Quiplip gives a fresh new voice to the greeting card market. It’s raw, sassy and outright funny- kind of like the person I am. And I think that’s why I loved it and you will too. It appeals to a different shopper than the person who would buy a card from Hallmark. It’s Quirky and fun and made me purchase the card above.

The card made everyone laughed and you can bet it was a lot different than anything else everyone else brought. I got major kuddos for the originality and everyone asked me where I got it from. That looks like a win to me.

I shopped on the unsolicited inspiration section, but I also liked:

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You can also wholesale greeting cards for your shop too, which is a nice plus for any store owners on the blog.


If you end up getting a card, let me know which one you got!


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